Bargain #1 HFH Restore:  Habitat for Humanity Salvage Stores

HFH Restore stores are all over the USA and are run by Habitat for Humanity.  These stores offer salvaged and new fixtures, appliances, flooring, wallpaper, paint, and other building materials at extremely reduced prices.  For example, I purchased two pieces of 12" x 12" polished stone tile for ten cents each--yes--ten cents each!  You can search for HFH Restore stores by zip code on their website.  


Bargain #2:  Amazon Paints--Amazing Coverage and Price!


Amazon Paint's paint and primer are wonderful for exterior application and have exceptional coverage.  This paint is extremely reasonable, and we couldn't be more happy with our choice of this latex paint made from recycled products.  We purchased our Amazon Primer and Paint from a HFH Restore store near our locale for $17-$20 a gallon, but this paint is also available through other distributers.  You can click on the blue button below to go to their website for further info.