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In addition to managing this website and writing e-Books, I write copy for businesses and e-magazines.  My copywriting fees are $40 per 500 words of content.  I can provide my own legally-secure images and include a single revision in my fee to insure satisfaction. 

I also work as a social media manager.  I can manage accounts for clients on various platforms.  I can perform analytical research that enables clients to make informed decisions that in turn generate greater positive engagement and ROI.  I can assist clients with troubleshooting issues that arise on various platforms by providing them with tutorials and articles that allow them to more easily navigate social media platforms.  I charge $25 an hour for my social media management services.  


I have an upper merit diploma in interior design  from Rhodec International and diplomas of distinction in Social Media Marketing, Blogging and Content Marketing, and Advanced Digital Marketing from Shaw Academy.  I am also the author of several bestselling eBooks on Amazon in many genres that have made the "Top 100" bestselling lists on their site many times.  


For further information, please contact me through the Contact Page or via the button below, and I will get back to you promptly.  I look forward to discussing how I can assist you and your business!

I’m happy to recommend Onna as a copywriter. I’ve known Onna since she began volunteering at the Fort Collins Public Library, fifteen years ago.  As her supervisor, I noticed that she was a very careful, conscientious, and trustworthy worker, even when she was quite young. Since then, I’ve noticed several other strengths that she would bring to her work: she has a very high work ethic and always makes her deadlines.  She’s persevering, thorough, and tenacious, and doesn’t mind re-writing.  She’s well-grounded in classic ideals.  She has a healthy and fearless curiosity about new ideas, techniques, and styles.  She’s competent in the use of modern technologies for design, word processing, and communication.  


Giny McConathy 

I have had the privilege of knowing Onna for over 12 years and have found her to be very responsible, reliable and trustworthy.  She is an extremely talented writer that puts her heart and soul into everything she does.  She is very well-versed at copywriting and editing.  She writes her own blog that is a delight to read.  She is capable of handling online publicity matters as well as managing social platforms.   Selecting Onna to assist with your business is a wise choice!  She will work very hard to help make you successful and would be an asset to any business.   I would highly recommend Onna to any business as a very ethical and productive individual.  


Kelly Gewecke

Onna has explored the world of design to the fullest and taken all the design knowledge a step further into a realm of intimacy. You might call it 'the psychology of the interior space.'  In the most subtle way, through her creative writings, she leads you to problem solving issues and the zen of living simply and beautifully. You must visit her Little Green House on the Corner! 


Deborah Asbury

Onna is a prolific reader and writer. Her writing conveys information clearly and in an approachable tone. Onna is skilled with description, has a knack for using topic-appropriate vocabulary, and uses grammar and punctuation exceptionally well.

CK, Michigan