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101st Friday Finds Blog Post: Lassi Come Home--the Hand Network is Born

This week features the 101st Blog Post of Friday Finds. In honor of this occasion, I would like to feature a new video from the Hand Network, this site's new cooking tutorial channel on YouTube. This video is the start of a series of cooking tutorials via the Hand Network on YouTube. It has taken over two years to get the Hand Network up-and-running, from initial brainstorming sessions, to planning, to recording and to compiling the finished idea into a cohesive culinary experience that can be easily digested.:)

"Lassi Come Home: 1 Minute Mango Lassi" tutorial video is a simple dairy-free mango lassi tutorial that was developed off of the traditional Indian drink. I love mango lassis, but I try to find a dairy free alternative to most foods and beverages when possible, and the buttermilk/yogurt taste found in traditional lassis was somewhat strong for me, so I developed this new twist off of an old favorite.

Full instructions on how to make this lassi are available at Grace's Kitchen, the recipe area of this website named after my great-grandmother, Grace, https://www.thelittlegreenhouseonthecorner.com/lassi-come-home-1-minute-mango-lass. Enjoy your weekend. Enjoy your lassi. Namaste.

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