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3D Printed Ronon Particle Magnum Replacement for Diamond Select Toys 7-inch Figure: Part 1

Updated: Nov 13, 2019

Post by Victor Oprescu

I remember when I started collecting the Stargate figures from Diamond Select toys. I was late to the game, and they were already discontinued and out of store shelves. At my local comic book store I had seen a few on clearance but too random and not priced well enough to encourage me to start. Through a lucky connection, I met a fella who was transitioning his collection from Stargate to Marvel and offered me all his SG-1 figures as a loose lot. It was a large lot , and I’m pretty sure it had most of the SG-1 figures. He gave me a screaming deal. I felt like downright criminal to be honest: I got lucky. I sorted through them, paired up the accessories, completed the BAF gates (almost 3), the DHD, and the ring transporters. I had the Olive drab set, Black Ops set, and Desert Ops, but I knew I only wanted to keep the OD ones. So, I sold all the others including OD Vala and Mitchell (even though I like their characters in show their figures left me cold). I sold one completed gate and 4 individual pieces but the other BAFs were just too cool to let go of and besides they’re just as important as the team. I also kept the Serpent Guards and Thor and his Replicators!

As these things tend to go once you have a foot in the door of a collection your eye starts to wander and you keep a lookout for other items to add. It wasn’t long before the first Atlantis figures started showing up in the mail. Sheppard, Weir, and Teyla first, the three Wraith, and eventually Rodney. A great set and the Atlantis Gate BAF also completed so I was happy but there was something gnawing at the back of my head. An itch that sooner or later would need scratching. I knew they never made a Ford figure but since they started making the figures during Atlantis’ 3rd season there was another team member I would need. This figure might as well have been gold plated judging by the asking prices. I mean who in their right mind would pay 15x retail price for any action figure? Enter Ronon Dex! A very exclusive figure that became very sought after. Mint ones were practically unobtainable and most of the loose ones seemed to be completely devoid of accessories. Eventually, I got lucky and found one loose and even though he didn’t have all his accessories he had the most important one, the Particle Magnum.

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