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3D Printed Ronon Particle Magnum Replacement for Diamond Select Toys 7-inch Figure: Part 2

Updated: Nov 13, 2019

Post by Victor Oprescu

Fast forward a few years, I am now dabbling in 3D printing and have successfully completed a few 6 to 10 inch miniatures and well as a handful of 1:1 replicas, and I see a post from a fellow collector very excited about the great deal he got on his Ronon figure and although he’s missing all accessories. However, he was still glad to have him in his collection (to date a mint figure might set you back $300), and it got me thinking-- I bet I could get a Particle Magnum printed small enough to fit the figure. I have some mixed blue paint that’s pretty close to the prop’s color. I found a great file on thingiverse modeled by Grimmindustries (https://www.thingiverse.com/thing:1232541) which is meant to be printed at full size but the nice thing about 3d models is that they scale up and down often very well. So I welded the individual objects and shrunk it down. The original accessory is 36mm long so we’ll start there.

The first print seems to have turned out pretty well.

Comparing the print to the accessory. . .

Primer, always use primer. . .

I had some left over blue from a BSG Colonial Viper MK7 build that would be very close to the right hue. . .

Adding in some of the details, looking at recreating the accessory rather than the original prop. . .

Test fitting in the figure’s hand and holster. . .

The accessory has a sculpted and painted grip but the 3D object was built to have real twine wrapped around the grip like the real prop. What’s the 1/12 scale equivalent of twine? Thread . . ..

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