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An Interview with Barry Campbell – Crewman on Sail – Stargate: Continuum Part 1

Updated: Nov 13, 2019

Post by Barry Campbell – Crewman on Sail – Stargate: Continuum also Officer in Charge of Ice Camp APLIS 2007 where parts of Stargate: Continuum were filmed with Onna Carr

Can you tell us a bit about your character in Stargate?

I played “me” in Continuum, basically a submarine officer ushering Col O'neill onto the sub which was surfaced through ice in the Arctic Ocean. Sort of “type cast” I think.

What was your favorite aspect of your character?

Well, let's see...I guess I like the Navy way he “took charge” and got the Air Force folks moving. What would you like fans to know? I was awarded the prestigious role of “Crewman on Sail” after a grueling audition, several call-backs, gifts of donuts and flowers to the casting folks, and a good amount of begging! Actually – Brad Wright wrote the small part as a sign of appreciation for my work in getting the Stargate crew to the arctic for filming.

What are your fondest memories of Stargate?

I really have many, many fond memories of my association with Stargate, and they keep on coming! I was privileged to meet and work with N. John Smith (Stargate Executive Producer) and the amazing crew he assembled to trek to the arctic for a week of filming. I can call RDA, Amanda, and Ben friends. And I have been invited to participate in the Gatecon conventions which has led to many, many close friendships, some of which are members of the Stargate cast and crew, but most of which are dedicated fans like me! The list goes on and on...invitations to watch filming at Bridge Studios, invitations to participate in events at SDCC (San Diego Comic Con), and I was even “recognized” by an Australian couple on a train from Milan to Venice, Italy! THAT was a biggy!!

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