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An Interview with Barry Campbell – Crewman on Sail – Stargate: Continuum Part 2

Updated: Nov 13, 2019

Post by Barry Campbell – Crewman on Sail – Stargate: Continuum also Officer in Charge of Ice Camp APLIS 2007 where parts of Stargate: Continuum were filmed with Onna Carr

Can you tell us a bit about what you are working on now?

I retired from work with the Arctic Submarine Laboratory in 2009. I'm living the good life on 7 acres in the country in southern Indiana. I'm working in my wood working shop, enjoying being close to family, traveling, and just took up beekeeping. No movie roles so far – but I'm willing to reprise my “Crewman on Sail” role, or any other role for that matter, in the next Stargate series. (I'll run for coffee and sandwiches, carry heavy objects, sweep up – whatever they need me to do, actually!)

What led you to audition on Stargate?

After months and years of auditioning for every sci-fi show out there, with all the rejections and heartache, I just had to give it one-more-try! No, seriously, I actually never auditioned and its just lucky that I can remember 4 lines of dialog and say them coherently. It only took 2 takes. I feel like a real pro. What did you like best about working on Stargate? Working with the Stargate folks was a dream come true, if anyone could even have such a dream! I got to help “make a movie” like a real actor/producer/etc even though I was just a “civilian” fan! And the friendships and relationships that have grown over the years make me smile each time I think of them.

What were the favorite features of your character?

His hair.

What were your favorite memories of being on the set with cast and crew?

The “set” was an ice camp 200 nautical miles north of the coast of Alaska in the Arctic Ocean. I remember visiting the “women's hooch” (the small building where the female cast and crew bunked) and catching Amanda in her underwear! OK, it was long underwear, full coverage!

Where do you think the Stargate franchise is heading next?

Man, I don't know – but I know where I'd LIKE them to head: a reboot of SG-1, 10 years later, with a new member who was formerly a crewman on the sail of a submarine surfaced in the Arctic Ocean!!

Any final thoughts?

That sounds pretty “final” - and I'm still a young man. Anyway, I look forward to next year's Gatecon in Vancouver to meet up with friends and “family” and to milk my 15 seconds of on-screen time for all it's worth! Thanks for reading this drivel. Stargate really has been one of the best things that has happened to me in my short (70-year) life. Oh sure, I've been all around the world, done some super-secret sneaky-pete stuff with the US Navy, visited the geographic North Pole 15 times on 15 different nuclear submarines, even drove a dump truck in a rock quarry for a while – but my association with Stargate is right at the top of the list! Come join us in Vancouver in 2020 for the 20th anniversary of Gatecon!

Cheers, Barry

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