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An Interview with David Nykl

Updated: Apr 8, 2019

Post by David Nykl with Onna Carr

What led you to audition for SGA?

My agent called for an audition. They were looking for a Russian physicist, I remember the character was first called Karpov.

What did you like best about working on SGA?

The crews we worked with. Shooting Atlantis was fun and convivial. It is a while ago now, so I'm probably remembering only the good things!

What were your favorite features of your character?

I liked the dynamic between Rodney McKay and Radek Zelenka. They brought out the best and worst of each other. I also appreciated Zelenka's meticulousness.

What were your favorite memories from being on the set with the cast & the crew?

Just hanging out with everybody between scenes. Those were the last years before devices took over the actor chairs so we talked, joked around, drove golf carts, that sort of thing. I was in studio a lot, I didn't go off world much, so most of my workdays were at the Bridge Studios.

Which were your favorite episode(s) and why were they your favorite?

Honestly, they all blend into one at this point. I enjoyed good one-on-one scenes. Scenes with David or Torri or Paul or Joe - good dialogue scenes - those I enjoyed most.

Where do you think the Stargate could be dialing to next (which direction the Franchise is headed)?

Don't know! I suppose it will be online, but I have no idea.

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