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An Interview with Dean Aylesworth of SG-1 Part 1

Updated: Apr 8, 2019

Post by Dean Aylesworth with Onna Carr

What would you like to let fans know?

I just want to thank the fans for all their support, for their recognition and heartfelt love, for their stories of inspiration and hope and authentic concern for my happiness and success. I'm constantly amazed at how with a little good will mountains can be moved and how blessed I am to be a part of it. I want to thank everyone for being "the others" that believe in me, like I do. That my belief in myself is not a pipe dream or some supplication but has validity. THANKS.

What Stargate conventions have you attended?

I have attended conventions several conventions, in 2004, 2006, 2008, Gatecon 2010, in 2016, Gatecon 2018, I think that is all, so far.

Do you plan are going to more conventions in 2018-2019?

I will be attending this year's Gatecon in September 2018. I look forward to being invited and attending anything else my schedule will permit--talking about a possible trip to Hawaii--and beyond!

What are your favorite memories from the experiences from Stargate?

My fondest memories are of the friendships I've made. The stolen moments of comradery. I remember sitting in the sun with another guest who I personally consider a Legend I drank a beer, we shared the sunshine and a story or two. Listening to his kindness and heartfelt interest in me and my journey and his personal support lifted my spirit, and I saw someone who's example I wanted to emulate. That authentic, genuine and kind guests name was Richard Hatch.

Can you tell us a bit about your independent features your working on?

I have several projects at different levels of development right now. I'm writing a very personal short film that is cathartic, only 5 or 8 min long. I'm working with some other filmmakers on a very large period piece super exciting. However, I can't say too much about that piece--don't want to give anything away. Also, I need to raise money for the web series Mr Sumbody if it's going to continue. I have a collaboration in development that is a feature film with a sci-fi twist: a suspense thriller/horror about a trip up to Alaska and an Indian legend.

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