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Architect and Interior Designer Jaqueline de Araújo

This week's post features a fascinating and informative interview with Brazilian architect and interior designer Jaqueline de Araújo. Jaqueline is a talented architect and interior designer whose passion for her work and consideration of her clients shines throughout her interview.

What led you to become an architect and interior designer?

My academic degree is architecture and urbanism (urban planning), an area in which I still work. In my architectural projects, especially in the residential projects, I saw the need of my clients to organize the spaces while taking into account the good taste, functionality and a harmonic design: a new market opened up for me as a professional in interior designer through this process.

What is your favorite aspect of being an architect and interior designer?

My passion for what is beautiful and organization of spaces providing beauty with functionality.

What have you learned the from your career in architecture and interior design?

I have learned that we should use psychology, understand our clients, and be able to materialize their dreams and desires. There is no greater satisfaction for an interior designer or an architect than seeing a dream materialized and the client's smile as we deliver a project.

What tips and ideas do you have for others who would like to be architects and/or interior designers?

First of all the person needs to know if has passion for design. Secondly, he or she needs to understand if they patience in dealing with the potential customer with their cultural differences, lifestyle and wishes. Thirdly he or she needs to realize that they have their own a cultural luggage and to understand the arts, and to read and study--a lot!o

What is Your favorite features of being an architect/interior designer?

As I mentioned above, the interior designer has to have the ability to materialize the client's desires and needs to have the sensitivity of uniting the beautiful to the functional.

What is a the heart of your career in architecture and interior design that you want your clients to take home?

A good project based on the work of great names like Mies Van der Rohe (LESS IS MORE) and others . The beautiful, the functional, and the concern in giving the clients what they want in every way: weighing in space as something subjective where the emotions of the human being who will spend their time living or working there are fully considered.

Photo courtesy of Jaqueline de Araújo.

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