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Arjuna Noor of MOODSPACE

What led you to start MOODSPACE and when did you start MOODSPACE?

Recognizing the need to create iconic art experience for hotels and hospitality in a grand scale:  most art for corporations and hospitality institutions are low impact aesthetics and not a ‘memorable and iconic art experience’.  Rather than look at art as pretty I decided to look art as a ‘solution.'

What is your favorite aspect of MOODSPACE?

To create visual magic for the thousands of people who will view the art every day in public institutions; Unlike art for private collectors, my art is viewed by over 10,000 people every day in the over 40 large scale iconic installations scattered throughout US, Canada and UK. That is very gratifying and serves a larger purposes.

What have you learned the most from MOODSPACE?

To have fun, be dynamic and relentlessly creative in art making. I have learned to create beauty within constraints of building codes, design limitations, etc.  I have learned, in order to create meaningful large- scale art fusion of two concepts art and commerce – art and technology into a meaningful experience.

What tips and ideas do you have for other’s who would like to start a similar business?

  • Conceptually sketch out a big picture roadmap with desired goals from the get go.

  • Update this ‘living’ document regularly as the vision evolves

  • Most important thing about business is to ensure that you are enjoying what you do

  • Avoid hiring employees till the entire work flow is down pat.

What is at the heart of MOODSPACE that you want your customers to take home?

A ‘feeling’ – an inspiration. Art transforms perception and imbues space with emotion. I am most fulfilled when a viewer is moved by my art, its core emotion and the universally unifying principles of humanity that is beauty.

All images courtesy of and used with permsiion from Arjuna Noor 

Arjuna can be reached via the following platforms:

Website:  http://www.moodspace.com

Email:  arjuna@mooodspace.com

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