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Atlantean Pendants: Perfect for Cosplay!!

Updated: Sep 5, 2019

Post by Onna Carr and B. Hope

On an island down a steep and rocky road leading to cove, Bob and I trooped in our Teal' c tactical boots to see what gifts the tides had brought us as the day turned to evening, and we admired the sunset from a rocky island as we looked toward the Mainland, known to the locals as "America" as this island is "Something Else."

The Cove is a special place with a cave on one side and, opposite us, in the other direction, is Morocco and a suggested site of Atlantis, which is an interesting thought.

The tides brought in sea dollars, snails that squealed as we threw them back to the safety of the water, sea glass, driftwood, and rocks of a dizzying array and beauty. Clad in hoodies with double-bagged grocery sacks, we filled our sacks with treasures, which we brought back with us to treasure and to ship to friends, sending them a bit of sea and land in a Priority Mail box. What memories you can pack in a $6.45 mail box!

When we return from our bay walk, we wash the rocks and shells in soap with essential oil and then let them dry on beach towels. After drying, Bob and I set to work to make jewelry. I am calling these hemp-wrapped and glass bead chain necklace Atlantean Pendants. These pendants can be purchased online here , bringing you a piece of sea and land to cherish as your own.

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