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Becca and the Sneaky Violinist: Part 1

Post by Onna Carr

What we’re looking for in life oftentimes isn’t what we really need, and what we really need in life oftentimes isn’t what we are looking for. When I met Becca, she was definitely not what I was looking for as I stepped into a theater’s main office and to her desk brimming with pomp and circumstance. I had received a call from my agent that morning, and he had told me that a large theater was putting on The Phantom of the Opera. The producer and director, Martin Flint, had suggested me for the part of The Phantom, and I was to go to the theater’s office to fill out some paperwork.

“Hello, what is your name and what part are you auditioning for?” Becca questioned as I stood egotistically in front of her desk. “I am Peter Peckbridge, and I am playing The Phantom,” I said in answer. “Everyone has to audition, Mr. Peckbridge,” Becca declared as she handed me a form attached to a clipboard with a pen. “I am not everyone. I am someone who does not require an audition, so speak to your manager,” I ordered. “Everyone is someone, Mr. Peckbridge. My superior is the producer and director of this production of the Opera, and he is also the owner of this theater. As such, he has ordered auditions for all actors involved in this production. Therefore, you may choose to leave, or you may choose to audition,” Becca replied.

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