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Becca and the Sneaky Violinist: Part 10

Post by Onna Carr

Sindhi Krusinek was a tiny, woman who weighed ninety pounds dripping wet, and the idea of her lifting Becca, who was slender but six-foot tall, was indeed ridiculous. “Listen, Silverbridge, I am not going to help you up if you are going to have Sindhi take you and your brother home by herself. I will help you up if you let me at least see you to your door,” I stated as Ben looked from his sister to me and Sindhi kept quiet. “If you promise not to speak of this incident to anyone,” Becca agreed. I promised as I grabbed her arms and helped her up, realizing that though she didn’t have her leg, she would be an insurmountable foe in any sport requiring arm strength as she pulled herself up and stood on one foot while Ben and Sindhi ran into the theater’s office to get crutches. “You are stronger than you look,” I declared as we stood together. “Most people are, especially when under duress or when the least strength is expected of them: that is what my father always told me,” Becca replied as Ben and Sindhi returned with the crutches.

As I pulled into the driveway of Becca and Ben’s home, I knew that I would need to stay a bit. Becca was bleeding badly from her cuts and it was nearing suppertime, which she would not be able to get or to make very well on crutches and in bandages. We helped Becca into her bathroom, and I left her and Sindhi to clean up. Sindhi disinfected her arms and wrapped them in gauze as there were simply too many cuts to Band-Aid, and Ben then went to get Becca’s robe for her from her room. As soon as Becca was ready, I helped her from the bathroom to her room with Sindhi and Ben’s assistance

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