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Becca and the Sneaky Violinist: Part 11

Post by Onna Carr

“Can I do anything to help fix your prosthetic?” I questioned as I got her sat down upon her bed as Ben and Sindhi went to get her a cup of spearmint tea. “No. The shock absorber broke. It does so every two or three years, usually in the midst of a big production. I’ll need to get a replacement,” Becca replied. “How did you lose it?” I asked. “Overwork. Oh, you mean the leg? A car wreck when I was twenty,” Becca answered. “What caused it?” I queried. “The fog, the drizzle, the world being out of joint,” Becca listed off as Ben and Sindhi entered with her hot tea.

“Thank you for your assistance, Mr. Peckbridge. I can manage from here,” Becca declared as she drank her tea and Sindhi, Ben, and I stood by. “Miss Silverbridge, can I have a word with you?” I requested as Ben and Sindhi headed for the living room. “Becca—Silverbridge, I know you do not like me, but I also know that until you get a hold of Martin or someone else you do like who can help you about it is not a good plan for me to leave you here with an eight-year-old and a very small woman. I promise that I have no criminal record,” I continued. “I know—I run background checks on all employs of the theater. Martin requests it, and it saves on bad publicity,” Becca explained as I looked at her in surprise. “I will leave as soon as you get another larger adult here to take my place,” I concluded. All right,” Becca replied.

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