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Becca and the Sneaky Violinist: Part 12

Post by Onna Carr

“You know, most people don’t buy their cheese in ten-pound increments,” I said to Ben as he and I surveyed the fridge. I tried to think of how to make supper with a ten-pound package of Colby cheese, two one-pound packages of butter, a gallon of milk, three-dozen eggs, and no culinary know-how. Sindhi had gone to be with Becca, who was calling the business who made her prosthesis and her doctor. “How do they buy cheese?” Ben asked. “Usually in half-pound or one-pound bags. We need some dinner,” I answered, going to the entry where I had hung up my coat and scarf, and I prepared to leave for the grocery store down the street.

“Where are you going?” Ben asked as I readied to go. “To the grocery store. You want to come with me?” I questioned. “Sure,” Ben declared, slipping on his coat and scarf. “Let’s tie that scarf and zip that coat,” I replied, helping him zip the coat up and tie the scarf.

Before leaving, I told Sindhi where we were going. By then, Becca had fallen asleep. After calling the doctor, she had taken some pain medication her doctor had suggested, and Sindhi had helped Becca remove the prosthetic, which had in its delinquency created sores. Ben said that Becca had a high pain tolerance. This meant that when most of us would keel over, Becca would grit her teeth. Sindhi said that the prescribed medication was strong, and that it usually knocked Becca out for four to six hours.

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