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Becca and the Sneaky Violinist: Part 13

Post by Onna Carr

Children have a wonderful and odd way of combining a skip and a hop to create a Tigger-walk, and Ben had mastered his while I tried to re-learn mine. “Do you like Becca?” Ben queried as we Tigger-walked down the road together hand-in-hand. “Yeah, I like your sister, but I don’t think she likes me,” I replied. Ben was one of those people that you couldn’t beat around the bush with or politely omit your scruples around as his whole nature was one of effervescent honesty, and required it of those he came into contact with. “I do. Becca never lets anyone but Martin or Sindhi and her husband into our house. She trusts you,” Ben said. “Because I don’t have a criminal record?” I asked. “No, because you didn’t make her feel like a freak because of her leg today and because you don’t shy away from her—she can’t shake you, and that has never happened before,” Ben explained.

“Your sister is not a freak, why would she think that?” I asked. “Because nobody asks her out—ever,” Ben answered. “That doesn’t make her a freak. Nobody has asked me out—ever either,” I replied with a grin. Ben laughed, “That’s cause you’re a guy: guys do the asking and girls do the accepting,” Ben declared as we approached the grocery store.

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