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Becca and the Sneaky Violinist Part 14

Post by Onna Carr

“Wow. I’ve never been in a grocery store before. We get our food from a Cooperative,” Ben said as we walked into the supermarket. I grabbed a cart, Ben grabbed my elbow, and we cruised down the aisles. “How about pizza?” I asked as we went down the frozen food aisle. “Sure,” Ben answered enthusiastically. “Cheese, pepperoni, or meat supreme?” I queried as we considered our options. “The one that comes with the cookies, the breadsticks, and the sauce,” Ben stated as I slipped the pizza, breadstick, cookie combo into the cart, and we headed toward the checkout.

“Sindhi says that people need someone to fuss with, which is why they get married, but I think she means people need someone to love who reciprocate that love. You could be that person for Becca, and she could be that person for you, if you got over yourself enough,” Ben said as we walked back in the dusk with dinner. It took me a bit to gather my thoughts after this declaration by an Exceedingly Clever eight-year-old (Ben says it ten minutes while I hold it was less than five). “Ben, are you always so abrupt?” I asked. “What’s the point of beating around a bush?” Ben questioned with a youthful effervescence as I shook my head with a grin and we resumed our Tigger-walk.

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