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Becca and the Sneaky Violinist Part 15

Post by Onna Carr

Later that night, I awoke from sleeping on the couch to hear Ben cry out, and I rose to check on him. However, when I saw Becca’s bedroom’s light turn on, her door open, and her go on the crutches to Ben’s adjoining bedroom, turn on his light, and shut the door behind her, I decided to leave it to her. The next thing I heard blew me away: a woman was singing, but she was not singing, she was singing. Becca sang “All I Ask of You,” and Ben joined in as she neared the ending lines. I then heard whispered reassurances, and Becca emerged from Ben’s room on her crutches, leaving his light on and shutting his door. I had never, in my entire life, ever heard anyone sing like that woman had sung and I couldn’t believe that she wasn’t on the stage performing and putting the rest of us to shame.

Becca came into the living room, and she sat down in a nearby chair as I pretended to be asleep. “You can stop pretending: I sing too loud for you to be asleep,” Becca said as I looked up. “Why don’t you sing?” I asked. “I do sing. I sing for Ben,” Becca replied. “You have a better voice than anyone I have ever heard,” I replied. “Thank you, but I also have lungs that collapsed, and I have a prosthetic, which hinders my appearance. I cannot sing for long periods as I lose my breath, and who wants to pay good money to see a women get up on the stage in a prosthetic who can only sing one song?” Becca questioned. “Don’t you know that people see your strength, that that is what they remember of you? I didn’t even know you had a prosthetic until today, and I doubt anyone but your closest friends know about it because you manage so well,” I replied as I heard the front door open and Martin walked into the living room.

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