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Becca and the Sneaky Violinist: Part 17

Post by Onna Carr

“While in college, Becca met a professor, Lucille Anson, whom she thought was quite wonderful, and whom John came to think was wonderful too. John and Lucille were married when Becca was nineteen, and Lucille gave birth to a son about ten months later,” Martin said. “Ben?” I asked. “Yes. When Ben was four months old, John ran a red light, and he hit a truck. Lucille and Becca were in the back seat with Ben. John died immediately, and Lucille and Becca had time to lay themselves over Ben’s car seat before the impact, and they did. When I got called to the scene, the rescue crew was using the Jaws of Life on the mangled car. When they did get to Lucille, she was gone and Becca had lost consciousness, her ribs were broken, her lungs had collapsed, and her left leg was mangled, but Ben was unhurt and crying. I held Ben as the EMT’s loaded Becca up, and we rode with her to the hospital. Her leg was taken that afternoon. As for her promising musical career, the doctor’s said the idea of her singing an aria after what had happened to her lungs was ridiculous. Becca became Ben’s legal guardian from the death of her father and Lucille. I offered her the job she currently has, and she has brought Ben with her and educates him in the same way that her father educated her when she was a child,” Martin added.

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