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Becca and the Sneaky Violinist: Part 18

Post by Onna Carr

“Becca is courageous, and she is formidable, but she is not invincible. The reason I am telling you all this, Peter, is that I think that with personalities such as yourself, telling you that Becca lost her father, her stepmother, her leg, her voice, that she had all the wonders and the responsibilities of rearing a child, the general management of the theater placed upon her, and endured more pain than most of us can even imagine all by the age of twenty might be enough for you. I will be plain: if you do not love Becca and Ben and intend to stay with them, you should leave. I’ve seen how you are around her, Peter, and I’ve seen how she fights against it. If Becca did not like you, she would not fight against you with such vehemence,” Martin declared. “We have never fought, excepting the day I arrived. I must admit I was a bit testy and duly deserved her disapproval,” I replied.

“Becca tries to ignore you because she knows what her loving you would mean and because she knows what you loving her would mean. If she loved you, she would first have to trust you, and if she did trust you, she could then love you, and if she did love you, she would have to marry you, and where would that leave Ben? What would happen to Ben and his psyche if it didn’t work out with you? What would happen to her psyche if you broke up? What if you did love her? What if though the prosthetic doesn’t bother you now, it came to? What if you became embarrassed by her appearance, and she became a shame to you? Becca knows that it is better to be disliked than shamed, and she also knows that as general rule, actors are fickle. Becca, like most, fights only against that which she hates and that which she knows she either could or does love and which therefore frightens her,” Martin explained.

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