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Becca and the Sneaky Violinist: Part 20

Post by Onna Carr

Becca mended and got her prosthetic repaired. By Monday, she was back at work with Ben beside her. The production was to open that weekend, and there was to be a gala following the premier performance. That Tuesday, I walked into the office to ask Becca if I could escort her to the gala event. As I entered, I saw Sindhi standing in front of Becca’s desk in complete exasperation. “Becca, I don’t care who you get, but you have to get a new string section for this gig. I cannot work with these absentminded technocrats. Do you know that today, in the middle of rehearsal, I looked around, and everyone was on their phones and hand-held devices as the conductor tried to talk to them. I stood up and declared that I was going to jump out of the window with my hair on fire—and no one even looked up,” Sindhi said with as much angst as she could muster. “Perhaps it was because there are no windows in the rehearsal room,” Ben suggested from a nearby chair as he worked to find the lowest common denominator. “Thank you for that theory, Ben, but I sincerely doubt that was the reason,” Sindhi replied. “Well, it was worth a shot,” Ben declared as Martin entered the office. “Sindhi, there is a string group of twenty violinists I could hire as replacements, but the music would have to be tabulated for them at this short of notice,” Becca said in reply to Sindhi’s entreaties as she handed her a contact number for the string group.

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