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Becca and the Sneaky Violinist: Part 22

Post by Onna Carr

The premier went without a hitch, and Becca went to the opening night gala with me while Martin, Sindhi, and Sindhi’s husband kept an eye on Ben for the occasion. I met Becca backstage that night. She was wearing a russet floor-length gown, a turquoise shawl, and dress boots. “I know, I look hideous, but it was the best I could come up with,” Becca apologetically declared. “Hideous is not a word I would arrive at to describe your appearance even after great contemplation. I think ‘stunning’ is the best I could do,” I said with a grin as she returned it with a weak smile, and we sallied forth together to the gala, which was the best I had ever attended because Becca was there.

On Valentine’s Day, I had flowers and a box of chocolate delivered to Becca in the office and an extra box of chocolates and a dancing and singing sock monkey toy for Ben to enjoy that he had been going to every time I took him to the grocery store with me, which happened every Tuesday and Thursday when I went over to Becca and Ben’s to have supper and to watch a film with them.

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