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Becca and the Sneaky Violinist: Part 23

Post by Onna Carr

The evening of Valentine’s Day, as I waited in the wing for my cue, Becca came to me. “Thank you for the flowers and the chocolates,” she said. “You’re welcome,” I replied. She then gave me a hug without warning as one of the backstage assistants came up. “You’re on,” the man said as Becca vanished like a shot, and I went onstage somewhat surprised.

I talked to Sindhi during intermission, and she agreed to watch Ben for Becca and I if I was able to talk Becca into a late supper at a French restaurant I had booked five minutes before asking Sindhi. When the show was over, I found Becca, she accepted, and we went out to a late dinner as Sindhi took Ben home to bed.

“Peter, we have to talk,” Becca began after we sat down at a table in the restaurant. “I made an error in embracing you tonight,” Becca continued. “You don’t love me?” I asked. “No. I mean yes, I do love you: However, there are just too many complications. Firstly there is me: enough said on that front. Then, there is marriage: I don’t know if either of us is ready to contemplate that. Also, there’s Ben: You travel and probably have no desire to settle down in the first place, let alone here, and I do not think it would be wise to uproot Ben as well as to introduce you into his life in a closer capacity than your current position all in the same year. In addition, there is my job: if I quit managing the theater, Martin would be lost. It would take a year just to train someone to take my place. My job is not difficult, but it is precise,” Becca continued as I reached for her hand.

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