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Becca and the Sneaky Violinist: Part 4

Post by Onna Carr

“They’re human, that makes them base and mercenary,” I declared with a grin. “That is a depressing statement and not all truth. Perhaps we are born so, but we are put here on this earth to find redemption, and it is not far from us. Our next purpose is to ease one another’s burdens as best we can, and this purpose is neither base nor mercenary,” Becca declared. “You are blind to reality,” I replied. “You met me fifteen minutes ago, Mr. Peckbridge. You do not know me. The auditions start at two o’clock this afternoon and are on the main stage. I am sure you have further insults you could deliver, but in both our interests and with time pressing toward lunch, I would suggest you don’t. I do wish you a good day, and I hope that all goes well for you,” Becca concluded. I nodded and left the office silent. No one had spoken to me as Becca had in years. Really though, no one had spoken to me except regarding direction on-stage in years. My work had become my life.

I went to the audition, and I got the part. I received a printout telling me rehearsal times, and I signed a contract. All was running smoothly.

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