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Becca and the Sneaky Violinist: Part 7

Post by Onna Carr

Becca and Ben became a greater part of my life because Sindhi, being the sneaky 1st violinist that she was, and her husband invited me over to supper every Thursday. Becca and Ben were always invited and came to her Thursday dinners as well. No one who had tasted Sindhi’s Garam Marsala Casserole could resist its charms.

One day, during rehearsals, I sat down beside Ben in a seat on the front row as he worked mathematical equations, and I took a break. “So, do you hate The Phantom of the Opera too?” I questioned him. “Yes. If The Phantom didn’t hang people he’d be pitiable, as it stands, he’s just rotten. He doesn’t love Christine either, he just manipulates and uses her. Also, why is everyone so scared of the creep in the first place? He just has a scarred face? Seriously, isn’t the girl singing ‘The Phantom is here!’ just a little too much? In the end there is no redemption and no grace. I mean, what would happen if The Phantom were humanized? What if we called him Erik, and a year after the whole Burning-the-House-Down Thing, he found a woman in the sewers and stepped out of his selfishness to save her? Once she was well, she would be unfazed by his face, and they would fall in love. Erik and the girl would then move to a cottage in the countryside, where they would have two kids, Jonni and Pierre. You would then find out that it really wasn’t Erik who hung people, but Raoul, who pretended to be The Phantom and killed people to darken Erik’s name,” Ben finished.

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