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Becca and the Sneaky Violinist: Part 9

Post by Onna Carr

As evening approached, and we disbanded one cold day, I left the theater to find Becca sprawled on the icy concrete parking lot. Ben and Sindhi were standing beside Becca, trying to call someone on Sindhi’s cell phone. “What happened?” I asked, putting a hand on Ben and kneeling down to Becca’s current eye level. “Becca slipped. She has not broken any bones, but she can’t get up, and Ben and I are not strong enough to help her up. We tried Martin, but he doesn’t answer his phone,” Sindhi explained as Becca winced in pain and I saw her arms and hands were scratched and bleeding. “Perhaps you could slide yourself onto your elbows and roll onto your back,” I suggested. “Becca can’t bend her one leg, she’s only got half of it,” Ben interjected. “What?” I questioned. “Becca has a prosthetic, and it just broke,” Sindhi confessed. “Then the only feasible option is to call the ambulance, or for you to let me help you up, Becca,” I stated. “If you could help me up, I have a pair of crutches in the office’s closet. Sindhi can then drive Ben and me home, and I can call and order a replacement prosthetic,” Becca said. “How am I supposed to get you inside the car and out of the car and into the house?” Sindhi questioned Becca.

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