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Blink and You'll Miss It

Let it go, Let it roll right off your shoulder Don't you know The hardest part is over Let it in, Let your clarity define you In the end We will only just remember how it feels Our lives are made In these small hours These little wonders, These twists & turns of fate Time falls away, But these small hours,

These small hours still remain . . . These little wonders still remain

"Little Wonders" by Rob Thomas

Last Friday, I went to the library and stocked up on books for a few weeks as it is an hour drive one-way to the library and the Zombie Apocalypse or the fulfillment of Nostradamus' prophecies could occur in that time--just kidding--(sort of). I picked up all books of interest in the science section and Roque One. In addition to Moonwalking with Einstein by Foer, Better by Mistake by Tugend, Messy: The Power of Disorder to Transform Our Lives (hopefully for the better) by Harford, and Nostradamus by Gerson, I also got David and Goliath by Gladwell (it could be a long apocalypse). As I checked out, I asked if Blink by Malcolm Gladwell was in, and discovered, much to the shock of myself and the librarian, Blink was in storage at the library and not available via e-book.

Occasionally, an idea or a subject will get wedged in my brain. This last week, Blink was the wedged item in my frontal lobe. Granted, I have never read Blink cover-to-cover, and I do have a copy--somewhere--in storage. The overriding idea that I find fascinating from Blink is that during WWII, British women who could not understand German were hired to listen in on the German Command Radio, and these women could decipher from the rise and fall of the Germans' voices where they would be and what they would do, which is pretty intriguing.

Last Saturday, I walked into my favorite second hand store with Bob, and I thought to myself that I should check out the book area for Blink before checking out as that store was where I got my first copy of Blink. However, I got stopped in the back of the store by one of life's probing questions--"how many sets of single place setting fine bone china ranging from British Wedgewood to German Rosenthal Ivory does a person need?" (The answer is all of them--especially when they are $4-$5 a set). As I was contemplating this china conundrum, Bob came up from the book area with an object hidden in the cart. "Guess what I found?" Bob asked. "Blink?" I replied with a grin as Bob exhibited a very blinky copy of Blink.

Life is full of these moments: of surprises achieved by walking into the realization of hopes. This blinky episode is just further proof of such a fact. When events of small wonders such as the Blink Episode occur, if I am not fully engaged with my life, I could blink and miss it, quite literally. But, I don't blink. Instead of blinking, I gather these spaces in time and place them into my mind so that I can pull them out at odd moments. "Little wonders." Big results. I cannot afford to blink: life is too short and too amazing.


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