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Bob's B'Elanna Bash

For Bob's B'Elanna Bash, I started preparations a few months in advance with an Ebay search that pulled up an autographed, 8" x 10" photo of B'Elanna Toores that was being sold for $16 or Best Offer when comparative pieces are going for $40-$103. I tend to be thrifty, and I set my price limit at $8. So, I sent the seller a $5 offer and promptly received a counter offer of low-and-behold, $8 with free shipping--score! The autographed print came from a Baptist school teacher in Michigan, who went to a comic con in California in the 1990's where Roxanne Dawson was signing photos.

I then discovered a Star Trek Voyager magazine featuring B'Elanna Toores on the cover pro-porting "Human Intellect and Klingon Courage" and featuring an article on "Heroes and Demons," (one of Bob's favorite episodes from season one). Another unique find was a Star Trek Voyager autograph card game of wallet photo-album-sized cards that fit nicely into a leather, fair-trade wallet from Mexico. I also found another trading card of B'Elanna giving her "You want to mess with me?" look. I then went to Uberprints.com, where I custom-designed an organic brown T-shirt. The front of the shirt has an astronaut on a planet. Stars surround the planet and "B'Elanna Toores for President!" crowns the design. No one sells a pre-designed, organic, B'Elanna Toores T-shirt, (talk about a missed, niche market opportunity)!

The back of the T-shirt has a mountain scene in two hues with an astronaut and a green shuttle in the sky above. "I'd Definitely Take the Falling Rock Way" is emblazoned above the scene and sunbursts surround the whole design. The "Falling Rock" quote is Bob's own from this last year.

Lastly, but certainly not least, is the card. I selected a B'Elanna Toores postcard produced by Classico in the 1990's until 1998, when they lost their license and only were able to sell at the Star Trek Experience in Las Vegas until that business closed in 2008. The remaining postcards were purchased by starbase-atlanta, who now sell them on Ebay through their store. Needless to say, as I put "B'Elanna Bars" in the oven, I was excited to see what Bob thought of her intergalactic surprise. Oven set at Warp One!

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