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Caution, Hurdles, and Calculated Risks:  The Italian Key, an Ensuing Wardrobe Overhaul, and Discover

Updated: Oct 27, 2019

Post by Onna Carr

The Italian Key is a Rosa Karo film that is a rare gem of grace and charm. We discovered The Italian Key this spring on Amazon Instant Video while trying to find Something Appropriate for All Audiences as we were tired of films that require a steady hand on the fast-forward button. The cover of The Italian Key looked lovely, and the preview was intriguing but, quite frankly, I thought if it looked too good to be true, it most likely was. However, I have also found most of my favorite films (Princess Diaries, Runaway Bride,What a Girl Wants, etc.) after overcoming this hurdle of doubt.

Caution happens to be a great part of my nature, which the casual observer may equate with shyness, but shyness has never been an issue for me. Risks, however calculated, on the other hand, have always been concerning ordeals. However, as the years pass and I live with a supportive family, I have learned to ask "why not?" in the stead of "why?," and this has allowed me to try things from eBook publishing to films that peak curiosity.

Early this May, I revisited The Italian Key by going to YouTube and perusing the available clips from the film there, and these clips led me and my family to give the film another look. On the 12th of May, the day my eBook, Lizzy Bennett: Pride and Prejudice Revisited 1943-1946, was released, we splurged with our time and our funds and watched The Italian Key. I loved this film: the story, the endearing characters, the vast landscape sweeping from the UK to Italy to India, the beautiful sets and props, and the costuming (that has influenced my wardrobe more than any other film), and the music, which has led me to try William Blake's poems and to visit the Victor Vertunni's website and YouTube Channel to hear more of such calm music that reminds me of a cross between Ed Sheeran and a troubadour quartet (I mean this analogy in the best of ways). I also really, Really, REALLY appreciated the fact that though the film was set in the current era, no cell phones or devices were shown--none whatsoever--absolutely awesome!!

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