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Chef Eddie G. of Intoxicating Productions

Edward Gallagher III a.k.a. Chef Eddie G. is a chef, author, and tv personality who was born and raised in NYC. He is a 1988 graduate of Johnson & Wales University of Culinary Arts and a seasoned chef in a variety of kitchens around the world. He has owned five restaurants and worked in over one hundred kitchens. He has cooked at the last 8 Superbowls for the NFL players, alumni, and executives. Numerous celebrities have enjoyed his amazing eclectic cuisine. He is the author of CookingCoast2Coast Cuisine, and he is currently working a globally-inspired cookbook.

Chef Eddie G. spends most of his time traveling and filming cuisines indigenous to the areas he visits. He performs live culinary demonstrations at over 30 food and wine festivals including Food Network and Walt Disney. Chef Eddie G. is also the executive chef of intoxicating productions, a global culinary event company.

What led you to start to become a chef?

I started as a dishwasher in an Italian Restaurant in New York at 13 years old. I was promoted to prep cook, then line cook, then I attended Johnson & Wales Culinary School.

What is your favorite aspect of being a chef?

I love to travel, to film, to meet amazing people, and to cook locally-sourced food on the journey: learning is key !

What have you learned the most from your career in culinary arts?

Tastes change all the time. There are so many ingredients we've never heard of. I love new ingredients.

What tips and ideas do you have for other’s who would like to be a chef?

Its a hard job, long hours: you work when others are off & your off when others are working, including holidays and weekends. Nonetheless, it's the greatest job in the world !

What are your favorite features of being a chef?

Now that would have to be the filming, the live culinary events, and getting paid to travel and cook around the world.

What is at the heart of your career in culinary arts that you want your audience to take home?

Choose a career that you desire to go into and are passionate about.

All Photos Courtesy of Chef Eddie G.

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