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Chrysalis @ The Stanley

Updated: Oct 27, 2019

Post by Onna Carr

The Chrysalis @ the Stanley is a beautiful gift shop located off the lobby of the famous (infamous) hotel, The Stanley. This gift shop is a unique specialty shop that has a variety of items for sale and a wonderful aura of nostalgic charm. I would highly recommend a visit because of the beautiful location and the products showcased at the shop.

The ceiling fans’ pulley system in this shop reminds me of a mad inventor with a penchant for beauty: a strange combination, but a unique and useful combination to have. My great-great grandfather, who was a wealthy farmer in Kansas at the turn of the last century, had a pulley system installed throughout his house that worked similarly to cool his house from the stifling Kansas heat. However, his pulley system was run by a windmill rather than electricity. My great-great grandfather was a man of firsts in his county: the first indoor fan pulley system, the first granary, and, unfortunately, one of the first divorces.

The Chrysalis @ the Stanley displays some beautiful stone jewelry, scarves by Stefano Bravo, unique purses, and incredible retail design from chandeliers and gilded mirrors to rich upholstery and a lovely fireplace grate with tiny songbirds sculpted in the details. The unique clothing and accessories such as wool fedoras, fashionable raincoats, oversized purses, and a large selection of women’s fashions in a variety of styles are also of interest. The staff at the Chrysalis @ the Stanley are helpful, informative, and kind—making the shopping experience even more pleasant.

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