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Crossing Bridge's with Bra'tac: Life Lessons From SG-1 Part 1

Updated: Sep 5, 2019

Post by B. Hope

To-do lists, multitasking, checklists, so much to get done, so little time.  Busy, busy, busy, seems to be the catch phrase of the day all too often.  We want to live lives of meaning and purpose but somehow that box got left unchecked on the list.  Is there any remedy?

I'm a fan of Stargate, and the main reason I like the series so much is because the episodes bring important questions to light.  While most of the episodes deal with large moral dilemmas, Goa'uld vs. SG-1, Wraith vs. SGA, I think if we look a little closer, we will find that the SG team's successes come from dealing with inner moral dilemmas and that seemingly small decisions affected the fate of galaxies.

One of my favorite SG-1 characters is Bra'tac. I always enjoyed his cameos from his first episode on. I loved the episode where SG-1 meets Bra'tac for the first time, and Bra'tac challenges O'Neill. O'Neill (initially) beats Bra'tac. "Well," Bra'tac says, "that wouldn't have been so easy for you were I one hundred years younger."

I loved how Bra'tac asked O'Neill if he could have some "4-C".  I think that O'Neill was wise to have run out right before he asked.  I admired Bra'tac's  confidence in his plan to take down Apophis with his "wing"...of three men...counting Teal'c.  I still say it would have been successful.

I have to say though, I never realized how far Bra'tac would go for someone he loved I ntil I saw SG-1 season 5, episode 2, "Threshold," that episode clearly showcased how Bra'tac's decisions through his life changed the fate of an entire galaxy:  he decided to train Teal'c, to recommend him as his successor as First Prime.  He taught Teal'c of truth, and instilled him with a longing for freedom which would cause Teal'c to join the SGC.  All these actions led to the freedom of entire worlds including all the Jaffa.

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