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English Harvest Scones

"Ambrosial" scones are a delicate balance. Most people tend to think that any slightly sweet, dry, flaky pastry can be labeled a "scone" in this field of culinary exploration. I do not accept scone stereotypes. Scones do not need to be dry and downright bland. Scones can be exciting culinary forays enjoyed at teatime or as a quick snack.

Scones can be moist, flaky, and delicious while also being healthy and nutritious, right from your own oven, leaving you with a delicious smelling kitchen and a major boost in mood! Didn't master French cooking? Plans for your five-course dinner get dashed? A dinner of scones, a dinner of scones.

Scones are the ultimate 30-minute gratification recipe and a personal favorite. This week I am featuring a recipe for English Harvest Scones, which I have created gluten-free. This twist on an old favorite not only features healthy fats, such as coconut oil and grass-fed butter, but includes chocolate and turns out moist, flaky, sweet, and utterly delicious. The key? Pamela's Baking and Pancake Mix, lots of healthy fats, and Chocolate! The full recipe can be viewed Here .

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