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Fallen Dynasties, Building Homes, and Figuring Life Out In the Midst of It All

Post by Onna Carr

It has been awhile since I released a blog post on the Monday, Wednesday Friday Finds Blog. 208 days. 4992 hours. Wow. Time flies. It has been an interesting and difficult while. We have all lost the lives we had pre-pandemic and going back to that time and place is not possible, and we have lost loved ones. If there is one thing the last year has taught me, it is that normal is just a setting on the dryer and we are all stronger than we think and have courage we did not know we possessed in reserve for times such as these.

During the past 208 days, a lot has happened, Peeps. As I reached my quarter life mark and passed it by 1 year, I found that I had a whole apartment to myself. I call it my "Empty-Nest-Syndrome-Conquered-Early" period. I always wanted to spend some time on my own so that I found out what that was like. As they say in Runaway Bride, I wanted to "find out what kind of eggs I like." I discovered that I really like omelet rice and boiled eggs, stir-fries, Korean face masks, movie/series MV videos, and BL drama from Thailand, Taiwan, and South Korea.

I also discovered that I do not want to live alone. I want to feed people bibimbap and flop beside them on the couch and have riveting discussions on Sci-fi series', Asian drama, and to tell them that even though things could be very not ok, things will, in the end be ok again and have someone tell me the same and be there to turn off lights around the house when I am tired because I taught 220 English lessons in 1 month because I was C-R-A-Z-Y and am still just figuring out that because you can do something does not mean you should.

During the past 208 days, I decided to continue to create review podcasts via Check It/Round Table Podcast, https://open.spotify.com/show/6bf8PPl3IWBzp7fk8KCBYu and to create an offshoot podcast, What the BL, showcasing all BL drama reviews from Check It/Round Table, https://open.spotify.com/show/4nrSnDa795JMZzPgDBNHYI,

to continue on with the Hand Network YouTube Channel,

to create a non-profit event, film, and audio production company, Collaboration Productions Incorporated,

and most recently, to collaborate on a manga with a Mangaka Aldria Adriano on Miz Holmes: a Google in Vermillion Book 1.

If there is one thing I have discovered overall, it is that life is truly perfectly imperfect, and it is from the imperfections even more than the perfections in our midst that help us determine our next steps forward into the future.

For me, my losses, much more than my gains, have led me on to the next step, to my future gains. They propel me forward, show me who will be there to support me and more importantly, who I will stand by and support--the people who have become my home--my family.

As we reach the midway point of 2021, I am preparing to move yet again. Boxes were delivered this AM and I have started packing for another physical home, and as I move to my new home and go from a household of 1 to quite a few. I am looking forward to building a home together--a home that spans continents and crosses borders of the status quo with a flourish and a dash.

People have asked me what I think life will be like as my family "starts." Family does not start, it continues. We are all part of a chain that spans from the beginning of time to the end of all things, and the important thing is to be a good link in this long-lasting story--to be a home to the people we love and for them to be a home to us, and, if we have that, we have it all.

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