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Gatecon 2018: Invasion

Updated: Apr 8, 2019

Post by Richard Pasco

With just a few weeks to go until the start of Gatecon: The Invasion, it's still not too late to get tickets to this event that includes all of the following, and more:

- the world's biggest gathering of Stargate cast and crew - currently standing at 43 guests from SG1, SGA and SGU who will take to the stage for panels and take part in photograph and autograph sessions.

- the option of attending a three-course banquet with after-dinner entertainment provided by comedy duo Gary Jones and Peter Kelamis as Stargate SG followed by Colin Cunningham  and his band WTF.

- a charity auction in aid of Cystic Fibrosis Canada where guests will take to the stage to help the bidding.

- Stargate Network - an international group who are creating the most accurate Stargate game to date. Gatecon will see the release of an exclusive update to the game.

 - the Stargate Command Lounge - a chill-out area being run by Stargate Command and GateWorld with lots of fun activities.

- an optional Vancouver sightseeing bus tour taking in many of the filming locations used in Stargate, including Jack's Cabin.

- Stefan Zadorozny, one of the world's most prominent collectors of Stargate memorabilia will be bringing costumes and props.

- Ask a Scientist : Mika McKinnon the real-life scientist behind some of the most complex Stargate equations.

With fans coming from all over the world, some on their first Gatecon experience and some coming back to meet up with friends, it is sure to be the premier Stargate event of the year.

Ticket information can be found at http://www.gatecon.com or follow us on Facebook for the latest updates.

All photos courtesy of and used with permission from Richard Pasco.

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