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Get to the Gate Summer Camp 2018 1st Craft Wednesday: Make your Own Stargate Necklace

Updated: Mar 24, 2019

Post by Onna Carr and B Hope

Today, is craft day at Get to the Gate Summer Camp 2018. Today’s craft is DIY Stargate necklaces with Stargate pendants!

Stargate Pendant Necklace

Materials needed are:

  1. Flexible, plastic-coated steel wire

  2. Large MM crimp beads in silver

  3. Jump rings

  4. Stargate pendants

  5. Blue glass beads of various colors (I got mine in the craft aisle at Dollar Tree)

  6. jewelry wire cutter and pliers

Determine the length of your necklace and then double length. Cut wire to this doubled length.

Slide jump ring to center of wire and then slide crimp bead over both loose ends.

Bead both “tails” to halfway mark. Slide pendant over both and then finish beading wire as desired.

Add crimp beads and then loop over jump rings and back through crimp beads. Crimp and enjoy your Get to the Gate Summer Camp 2018 Long Pendant Necklace!

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