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Get to the Gate Summer Camp 2019 Destination Locked!

Updated: Nov 13, 2019

Post by Onna Carr

Life takes you by surprise, and things like the fact that Get to the Gate Summer Camp 2018's posts have reached 90,000 plus people via the Monday Wednesday, Friday Finds blog, the Get to the Gate Summer Camp Facebook page, and the Get to the Gate Summer Camp's Twitter account, @GettoGateScamp is one of life's surprises for me. The overwhelming comradely of 3,000 participants during our 2018 event and of 1,500 views of our Facebook page on average every month from Stargate fans from around the world has shown me that the theme that drew me to the Stargate franchise and led me to host Get to the Gate Summer Camp on the Monday, Wednesday, Friday Finds Blog, the theme of creating community in the vacuum of space, is the theme that has drawn other fans to Stargate as well, and more importantly, kept them stalwart defenders of all things Stargate.

Stargate fans create community, crossing borders and bridging divides in ways that continue to surprise and to encourage. Get to the Gate Summer Camp 2019 promises to be an experience of intergalactic proportions as participants gate between galaxies with posts by familiar, returning participants and writers from last years' event, and new guest writers and participants are welcomed through the gate.

Every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday from June 1, 2019 - August 31, 2019, new interview, article, review, and VLOG posts on all things Stargate will be released by fans and actors from the series from around the world. Join us on our Facebook Page here, at Twitter here, or sign up for email updates on the latest post or to have your own article/interview/VLOG featured, click here. See you at the gate! You can read all our current and previous Stargate-themed posts here.

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