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Get to the Gate Summer Camp 2019 Grand Finally!

Updated: Nov 13, 2019

Post by Onna Carr

This year's Get to the Gate Summer Camp has indeed been an interstellar event with guests from all over the known Universe. We have had 39 posts, 1,138 participants from all over the world.

Our Get to the Gate Summer Camp Facebook Page has 167 followers and we have had 73, 046 reactions and 3,824 engagements to our event posts.

We have featured new guests, such as The Stargate Guy with his intriguing theories, Les Enfants de MacGyver with their amazing life-size Stargate, Atlante Props with their various and out of this world prop creations, Barry Campbell from Stargate: Continuum, Kristina, a delightful fan who shared her reminesces on why she loves Stargate, and Victor Oprescu with his amazing 3-D printed Ronan gun.

We have also featured the delightful returning guest writers, such as Mac Jackson, B. Hope, and Henk Veldhuizen.

We have expanded our social reach this year with the opening of our Twitter account @GettoGateSCamp and the Get to the Gate community has continued to flourish for another summer, and we are looking forward to our 2020 season in T-367 and counting! Where will the gate take us next?

Every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday from June 1, 2019 - August 31, 2019, new interview, article, review, and VLOG posts on all things Stargate will be released by fans and actors from the series from around the world. Join us on our Facebook Page here, at Twitter here, or sign up for email updates on the latest post or to have your own article/interview/VLOG featured, click here. See you at the gate! You can read all our current and previous Stargate-themed posts .

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