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Get to the Gate Summer Camp 2020 Ending Thoughts Through the Gate

Post by Onna Carr

This year's Get to the Gate Summer Camp has truly been an epic experience all around with the incorpation of Collaboration Comic Con 2020, Stitch's Loft, and Atlante Prop's interviews, panels, live chats, and VLOGs with actors such as Dean Aylesworth, Eric Breker, Barry Campbell, Mike Dupod, Brian McCaig, Finn Michael, Bill Nikolai, Charles Andrew Payne, Kelly Vint Castro and amazing fans/creators such as Ryan Nixon of Stitch's Loft, Atlante Props with their amazing videos, and Mac Jackson of the Stargate SG-1 Audio Series.

It has been such a pleasure for B Hope and I to co-host this event for the last three years, and we look forward to continuing this annual event for many years to come. For me, the thing that keeps me hooked on all things Stargate and continues to lead me on with this convention is the community and comradely of the fan base, and the unique perspectives they provide both singularly and as a collaborative team.

B Hope and I want to thank all those who have attended this year and the past years' Get to the Gate Summer Camps, and we look forward to seeing you again at Get to the Gate Summer Camp 2021!

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