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Get to the Gate Summer Camp 2nd Craft Wednesday: Athosian Shell Art

Updated: Sep 5, 2019

Post by Onna Carr and B. Hope

As Stargate Atlantis fans know, Teyla Emmagan and her people are Athosians from the planet Athos. The Athosian's are known throughout the series for their adavistic and beautiful rustic style (as well as their courage and honor) and this week's craft Wednesday features Athosian Shell art ornaments that reflect this style.

Materials needed:

Twine (Can get at dollar store, such as Dollar Tree).

Shells (we used mussels and small shells, which you can gather yourself or get online at Etsy, etc.)

Arrange your shell the way you desire and wrap with twine. Knot to secure with a loop to hang piece for display. Enjoy your piece of art!

Photos by and used with permission of B.

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