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Get to the Gate Summer Camp Autumnal Pizza Party September 28-30, 2018

Updated: Sep 5, 2019

Last Friday through Sunday, Get to the Gate Summer Camp had an Autumnal Pizza Party. We had several people write in with what episode they were watching. Overall, our Get to the Gate Summer Camp posts on the Get to the Gate Summer Camp Pizza Party reached 5,575 people. We had fans from around the world sharing the series' and the episodes they were watching from SG-1, Season 9 to Stargate Atlantis, Season 2.

I watched "Menace," "Sentinal," "Meridian," and "Revelations" episodes from Season 5 of SG-1. I felt bad for the robot who created the replicators as her maker did not make her advanced enough to understand nor to take action against the trouble she caused. It was an interesting look into the birth of the replicators in the Stargate saga. I guess the message was to be careful that what you create has the knowledge it needs to contribute rather than to destroy.

"The Sentinel" reminded me of "the Warrior" as the people of the planet that was featured in the episode, despite devoting 300 years to thought and to study, proved to be somewhat gullible and foolish. In a way similar to "the Menace," their makers, or ancestors, had created a device to protect their people from harm but had forgotten to teach them how to think in times of crisis so that they could save themselves. In essence, the safeguards that their ancestors had put in place were not enough to protect their people: the people needed to be able to know how to protect themselves in crisis.

I loved how, when Teal'c came in to tell Daniel goodbye, it was in two plains of existence. Similarly, when Daniel let Jack know it was all right to let him go, because it was not really the end after all. Lastly, I liked how Oma Dasala summed it up with the fact that it does not really matter what you got accomplished or did not get accomplished, what matters, at the end of the day, is if you are going to be good or if you are going to be evil.

"Revelations" was interesting as you discovered that the Asgard are all clones that have evolved from a very human looking race, you finally meet the dark, shadowy figure of Anubis, and get to hear Teryl Rothery as the voice of Heimdall. Great finish to Season 5 of SG-1.

I also watched "Sanctuary" from Season 1 of Stargate Atlantis. Interesting plotline, though Chaya seems to need a sequel episode as her relationship with Colonel John Sheppard didn't seem to well thought out on her part.

Overall, it was an amazing, pizza-eating, Stargate binging weekend--looking forward to sharing the next one with you!

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