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Get to the Gate Summer Camp Facebook Page

Post by Onna Carr

Get to the Gate Summer Camp's Facebook Page has reached 158 Likes and the event posts featured are averaging 3,500-6,000 views on Facebook. In the last 28 days alone, 13.4K have been reached by posts with 1.6K engagements, 16 new followers from around the world.

Every post that is released for Get to the Gate Summer Camp is linked to our Get to the Gate Summer Camp Facebook Page and then shared across various Stargate and Sci-fi related groups. The positive response via likes, shares, and thoughtful and thought provoking comments, has truly been amazing.

We look forward to seeing you on Get to the Gate Summer Camp Facebook Page and chatting via messenger on all things Stargate!

Every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday from June 1, 2019 - August 31, 2019, new interview, article, review, and VLOG posts on all things Stargate will be released by fans and actors from the series from around the world. Join us on our Facebook Page here, at Twitter here, or sign up for email updates on the latest post or to have your own article/interview/VLOG featured, click here. See you at the gate! You can read all our current and previous Stargate-themed posts .

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