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Guide to Thrive in Any Galaxy

Updated: Nov 13, 2019

Post by B. Hope

Here are some helpful hints to thriving in space. One list for each series, one tip for each encoded chevron. SG1 got 7, SGA got 8, and SGU got 9. Enjoy!

In our own galaxy:

1. Don't let Daniel touch it.

2. Let Carter fix what Daniel just broke.

3. Don't let O'Neill eat the cake.

4. Listen to Vala.

5.Don't turn your back on a Go'a'uld.

6. Never kiss a Tok'ra.

7. Keep calm and Kal Noreem on.

In the Pegasus Galaxy:

1. Don't shake hands with Todd.

2. Always go fishing with Beckett.

3. If all else fails, try a lemon.

4. Power bars are the ultimate snack.

5. Just give them 5 minutes with Ronon.

6. Always remember, Teyla just needs a cup of tea.

7. Popcorn is always popular with Aliens.

8. Football is the perfect metaphor for humanity.

In the Galaxies beyond:

1. Don't touch anything.

2. Don't plug anything in.

3. Keep calm and let Rush fix it.

4. Don't touch the flowers.

5. It ain't easy being blue.

6. Don't let Math Boy activate the Stargate inside of a star.

7. Snacks are important.

8. Appreciate the little things.

9. Always remember, your destiny is not where you're going, it's how you get there.

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