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Hevensent Forest, Copper Rust

Hevensent located in Tyldesley, England, is a Bespoke company that specializes in wallpaper, fabric and accessory designs for children and for the child at heart. This business does not treat their products with fungicides, ensuring safer and more ecologically-minded products for their customers. This company manufactures their wallpapers, fabrics, and accessories in England, reducing their footprint. They also donate 2 pounds per sale to charity.

Hevensent Fishing for Stars in Midnight Blue

My favorite product from Hevensent is their Fishing for Stars Midnight Blue wallpaper, which is sold in a 10 meter roll at 78 pounds or approximately $98. I love the bold use of color and the sweeping scene of boats, clouds, and children “Fishing for Stars”—beautiful and unique.

Hevensent Holiday with Alphabet Border

I also found Hevensent’s Holiday wallpaper (78 pounds or approximately $98) with its companion Alphabet Border (60 pounds per 10 meter roll or approximately $75) charming and reminiscent of a 1920’s-1930’s child’s room wallpaper. The themes showcasing country life with cottages, hollyhocks, and trees are simply wonderful! Similarly, Hevensent’s Playtime wallpaper carries on the subjects found in their Holiday wallpaper and Alphabet border wallpaper. The same two characters are depicted climbing trees, riding a wagon, flying kites, in a tent, and among the hollyhocks in a lovely, vintage style.

Hevensent Playtime

Hevensent can be reached via their website, http://www.hevensent.com, and followed on Facebook https://www.facebook.com/pieceofheven/, Instagram https://www.instagram.com/pieceofheven/, and Pinterest https://uk.pinterest.com/hevensent0543/pins/. This Bespoke company will soon have their fabric and accessory lines available to compliment their beautiful wallpapers. I am looking forward to seeing more of their products!

Photos courtesy of www.Hevensent.com

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