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Hi Tide, Bye Tide

Post by B. Hope

Hi Tide, Bye Tide is my first children's book. This book takes the readers on a lovely little wander through some of my favorite places in Maine. The book opens in Penobscot Bay, and continues on through Charlotte's Cove in Islesboro, Schoodic Point, Curtis Cove, and ends in Blue Hill Bay.

Charlotte's Cove is where I first saw the the ocean, and discovered all kinds of wonderful things and creatures like seaweed, red and green crabs, and periwinkles, which are a sea snail of sorts. Periwinkles are my favorite sea creature, because they dance and wriggle on warm summer days, and squeal when I pick them up. They have lovely little eyes on the tips of minuscule horns, and each one's shell is is unique.

Penobscot Bay is where I saw my very first seal, and he was very noisy. He seemed to like snorting, which I thought was funny. Schoodic Point is my favorite spot to watch the waves. Schoodic is very rocky, made up of great blondish slabs. The slabs are very warm, and I like to lie down there and watch the waves crash. They remind me of a water volcano.

I love Curtis Cove because of the jellyfish that wash up there. They look like clear, purplish domes filled with tiny rubies and gold threads that glint in the sun.

I love the Blue Hill Bay, because it's a great place to watch the clams at high tide. Did you know they blow bubbles? It's quite something, a big long row of bubble-blowers underwater.

I love the sea, because it's beauty is so unexpected. I read of one lady who read her daughter Beauty and the Beast before they'd go beach-combing, to teach her that what others consider ugly, can be truly beautiful, if you look close enough.

These are all the things I love, and I wanted to share this with others. I hope that Hi Tide, Bye Tide brings these truths to life and that it allows people to make memories with the children in their lives.

Hi Tide, Bye Tide is my third book, I also published two photo books of Maine; Meandering Through Maine, and Spring By the Sea. I also have multiple Maine journals featuring my photography available. Maine and the sea are places of wonder that I wanted to share, and I hope that these books capture glimpses of the places I love.

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