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Hidden Candies, Corsages, and Life at the Height of a Steering Wheel:  Remembering Grandaddy Part 1

Post by Onna Carr

I do not have many early childhood memories, but of those I do have, some of my fondest

are from my stays at my paternal, great-grandparents’ farm in Kansas. This is the story of Grandaddy

and his truck. I could tell the tales of Gramsey's red shoes or the millinery paraphernalia brought

over by our English ancestors that were in the attic, or I could elaborate on the antique clown cookie

jar atop the fridge that produced cookies after years of barrenness when the great-grandkids arrived,

but those tales are for another time, and are other stories. This is the story of Grandaddy and his

truck, and how he rode off into the sunset.

When my parents were newly-weds in college, they decided they needed another vehicle.

Being like most college students, they did not have a lot to put into a purchase, so my mother

suggested that they look for a vehicle the next time they went home for a visit. They found a truck on

their next visit, and promptly christened it "Thor," after the Greek god of Thunder. Why such a name?

A turn of the key served as a highly audible explanation because of the sound created by this action,

which sounded like thunder building as it rolled across the Kansas plains, much like Thor noisily rolled

across the dusty roads, building up clouds behind him with sounds to match his namesake.

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