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HomeLabs:  Mitigating Toxins One Day at a Time

Updated: Oct 28, 2019

Post by Onna Carr

This summer, we discovered HomeLabs via a Deborah Lynn Dadd email. HomeLabs is a home monitoring system that will send a monitor to your home and will monitor your indoor air quality for $10 a month with a 30-day, free trial. HomeLabs tests for VOCs, particulates, humidity, and Co2. After two weeks of monitoring your home, HomeLabs will schedule a call and discuss your home's levels of VOC, particulates, humidity, and Co2 and how to mitigate toxic levels with low to no cost options: such as proper ventilation via stove and bath vents/fans, beeswax candles (that release negative ions that draw positive, toxic ions into the flame or drop them to the floor of a room), removal of certain items, etc.

We installed the monitor, connected the monitor to wifi, installed the app on an iPhone, linked the device, and took a vacation. Our HomeLabs consult was with Nate-the-Great, who studied our levels with the rest of the scientists there at HomeLabs and found our VOC and particulate levels at 19-28 times normal levels, depending on the day. For example, one day the levels were at 2143 ppm rather than 143 ppm. These spikes only occurred on the days we went back to get a few things to make our stay more comfortable at our lodgings elsewhere on vacation. The conclusion Nate-the-Great and the scientists at HomeLabs came to is that because our rental is carpeted throughout with the exception of the bath and laundry rooms, and the carpets and their pads are releasing high levels of VOCs and particulates when they are walked on--the most probable theory at this point. These carpets were probably okay when we moved in, but over the three years we have lived there, the carpets and their pads have broken down, causing these high levels of toxins. The levels of toxins in our rental were so high, the team at HomeLabs were thankful we were not in that particular rental anymore and suggested that these high levels would explain the headaches, nausea, etc we have experienced there for the last few months.

HomeLabs has aided us in our quest for answers to the underlying issues of what was really going on in our residence. "Knowledge is power," as Francis Bacon said, and knowing where our dwellings' toxic levels stand should not be a mystery. Thanks to HomeLabs and to their amazing staff, such as Nate-the-Great, homes' toxicity levels can be easily discovered for $10 a month through their monitoring system and through the assistance of their amazing team! Thank you God, and thank you, HomeLabs!!

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