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Icloud:  a Programmer's Opportunity

"Luck is where opportunity meets preparation."  Seneca

This week, I cleared photos and videos off an iPad. This used to be a relatively easy project: I would hook the iPad up to the computer via its sync cord, and the images and the videos would just download directly to the computer's Photo folder. However, we opted last autumn to save photos to iCloud to provide a surer backup if the iPad was lost or died. Now, images and the videos are saved to iCloud, and they must be downloaded to Windows system computers individually. Yes. Individually. Needless to say this leads me into a "We live in 2017 and THIS is the best Apple can come up with?" tirade. However, when I become slightly less "testy" about this tech issue, (after about two hours of calling Apple twice, downloading photos and videos individually, finding out the files saved to the Documents folder instead of to the iCloud folder, transferring each photo and video manually to the Photos folder, and double-checking each image and video to the computer before deleting them from the iPad) I realize that this glitch, like most, is an opportunity. A few years ago, I read Henry Patroski's Success Through Failure, where he shows that failure is the springboard through which success often is found: the key that opens the door to great triumphs.

One of my favorite films is Meet the Robinsons. I love how the family celebrates failure because they realize that failure teaches individuals a lot better than immediate success does and leads people to opportunities they cannot even imagine.

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