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If I Won the Lottery

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Post by Onna Carr

Recently, I was asked what I would do if I had a million dollars what would I spend it on or if I had the winning Powerball numbers what would I do. Honestly, I thought about this question briefly and knew that if in theory, I had a million dollars, I probably would not spend it and it would not really change what I do at all.

I would probably save about 200K--and only use the interest off of that. When I leave this world for the reality beyond at 120 years or older, my kids/grandkids/great-great grands could do the same with it. I would also probably buy the house overseas I have been looking at for awhile that is really quite cheap, and I would get a used truck or car--saves on insurance that way. Lastly, I have been obsessively been eyeing a moped and might splurge on this.

But honestly, the rest of the money I would give away to people and projects I believe in. Money is just money to me, and I only think so much is useful for me and my family. Life is made up of the people who make your world "No place I'd rather be," as the Clean Bandit song states, not the money in your life.

I think a lot of times people think if they had more money, it would give them a better quality of life, and honestly, I do not think money has that ability. I think our decisions regarding our lives and the people we care about and the places we choose to stay have the ability to make our quality of life better, but money is just an accent point. It is nice to have but it does not define us unless we let it, and I never want to have it define me.

I want to be defined by other things, by other qualities. I want to be remembered for the peace and the laughter in my home, the grace of my life, the good memories my family and my friends were a part of with me--this matters a lot more than a million dollars or Powerball winning numbers, because, unlike money, I do think we take this with us and leave this behind with those we care about and for, and that is worth way more than a million dollars or Powerball winning numbers.

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